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A New Way to Buy Wine ...
Simply ... Based on Flavor and Body
Enhance your Thanksgiving meal with great wines from Vino 100!

A Better Alternative
Vino 100 did not invent wine, but we certainly created a better way to buy it! Let's face it, shopping for wine has its frustrations. All too often you are confronted with a sea of labels, a lack of information and a whole lot of attitude. The only way to find something you like is through trial and error - an expensive (and not very palatable) proposition.

Vino 100 stores are creating a sensation in the booming retail wine market. The New York Times described our new approach as "turning a purchase requiring special knowledge into something for everyman, everywhere." Öa user-friendly wine store.

Vino 100 offers consumers a new way to buy wine... simply... based on flavor and body. Every wine in our store has a Wine Barometerô, a tag indicating its flavor (fruity to dry) and body (light to full). And since the entire store is laid out according to this system, you can easily find exceptional wines that suit your personal tastes, not to mention budget. We invite you to explore the world of wine with your own Vino 100 tour guide.

Vino 100 Approach
Our Vino 100 approach immediately creates a dialogue between the store and customer, which quite often develops into an ongoing relationship. Customers become friends who show their appreciation by bringing their friends to enjoy the wine experience.

Vino 100 Events ...

There is always something fun going on at Vino 100 stores. Whether itís wine education, meet the winemaker tasting events, or pizza and wine night, the common theme is itís always fun!

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