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Vino 100, LLC
A New Way to Buy Wine ...
Simply ... Based on Flavor and Body
"When wine enlivens the heart may friendship surround the table"

Since the beginning of civilization, wine has been a source of pleasure to mankind. It has been enjoyed for millennia. Wine is one of the first things man created. It is woven throughout the tapestry of human history like few other products. It is part of our traditions, cultures and rituals. Wine has been cherished and enjoyed; it has turned meals into feasts and ceremonies into celebrations.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to cultivate from a passion and tradition to such an enjoyable and rewarding business concept. Not only has wine been a part of our history, we are now watching the wine industry enter a new era. In 2007, wine sales climbed to its highest levels in the history of the United States. American tastes have driven sales of premium wines to record levels. Current statistics put the retail wine business at 25 billion dollars with the fastest growing retail segment of the wine industry at the price points sold and marketed at Vino 100.

The growth in wine consumption occurred despite a sluggish economy. Wine is increasingly becoming mainstream. More Americans are discovering wine and incorporating it into their lives and lifestyles. Today consumers seek better, more interesting wines which taste of quality but are reasonably priced. They understand that wine does not have to cost a lot to be good, but many consumers are not sure where to find good reasonably priced wines. Vino 100 is just what the consumer is asking for. We make sure we deliver great wines at affordable prices. We taste hundreds of wines from vineyards all over the world. Less than 1 out of 200 wines we taste make the Vino 100 cut. By combining great wines with an innovative, new merchandising system and topping it off with a growing market, you have a unique and very real recipe for retail success. We are looking for more great store owners to help us expand the Vino 100 retail concept in your area.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce this exciting business opportunity to you. At Vino 100 our goal is to make the business of wine an enjoyable experience for our store-owners and our customers. We invite you to find out more by clicking below to fill out our franchise application form.


"Vino 100 - Where the
buying is as enjoyable
as the drinking!"



Vino 100 Events ...

There is always something fun going on at Vino 100 stores. Whether itís wine education, meet the winemaker tasting events, or pizza and wine night, the common theme is itís always fun!

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